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Aloha! I hear you asking where does “Kua ‘Aina” come from, how do you pronounce it, and what does it all mean? Well…

Pronunciation: Say “Koo-a eye-na”

Meaning: “Kua 'Aina” translates literally as the "back country” but is more usually used to describe an awkward or unsophisticated person from the country (a country bumpkin or hick). For native Hawaiians it refers more to those who actively lived Hawaiian culture and kept the spirit of the land alive.

Origins: Kua ’Aina in London is Europe’s first of its kind. It is based on the original restaurant on Hawaii’s North Shore which opened in 1975. In Hawaii the restaurant has been serving its famous burgers and succulent chargrilled sandwiches to the locals and visitors alike for over 35 years. It’s also no secret that the delicious burgers are one of President Obama’s favourites when he drops by to his home state. There is now a second Kua ‘Aina in Honolulu and, since 1997, seventeen (so far) Kua ‘Aina restaurants have been opened in and around Tokyo. We have brought Kua ‘Aina to Europe through a combination of passion and resolve, having been regulars at Kua ‘Aina in Japan, and because we loved the food so much and we believe that the food and concept merits being brought over to London (and beyond). Our décor honours the original restaurant with its wooden flooring, bamboo roof, tropical ceiling fans and authentic Dick Brewer shaped surfboards, hand-glassed by Jack Reeves, all with a view to creating an inviting, relaxing and escapist atmosphere.

Food: Most importantly though, quality fresh produce and our own home-made marinades and seasonings are at the heart of the Kua ‘Aina taste. Serving a varied menu, we look forward you enjoying our unique hand-made fresh burgers; devouring a hearty salad; or savouring a char-grilled sandwich, as well as much more. Our ‘signature’ choices include super succulent 1/2lb burgers, marinated grilled chicken sandwiches, grilled Mahi Mahi, Ortega & Cheese sandwich and Wafu dressed salad. You can even treat yourself to one of our four delicious types of organic cakes, American fluffy pancakes or low-fat frozen yoghurt. The drinks menu will quench your thirst with crisp Asahi Superdry on tap, Asahi Black in bottles and specially chosen, Molino Loco wines.


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